Philsource Ventures Group Inc. and its partners, Dahua, Sangfor, TP-Link, AOC, Kstar, Ruijie, and Zycoo, held a System Integration Bootcamp 2023 at Shercon Resort & Ecology Park, on July 19-21, 2023. The bootcamp offered a comprehensive program that consisted of lectures, exciting activities, and hands-on training on various aspects of system integration.

The bootcamp is designed for partner and clients to have a comprehensive discussion about solution and industries and gain hands on experience in setting up and integrating different solutions. Highlighted topic including Cybersecurity, Surveillance and Networking.

The PVGI System Integration Bootcamp 2023 was a valuable opportunity for partners and clients to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of technology. By attending the bootcamp, participants gained the expertise to design, implement, and maintain integrated PVGI projects with diverse brand compatibility.

Philsource Ventures Group Incorporated has successfully hosted PVGI System Integration Bootcamp 2023 with fun activities, games and raffles prizes to help to break up the training and create a more enjoyable experience for participants while enhancing their knowledge and skills in system integration, as well as foster networking and camaraderie among industry professionals.