Philsource Ventures Group Incorporated together with these brands, Dahua Technology, TP-Link, Ruijie Networks, KStar and AXD. PVGI hosted an exclusive event entitled PVGI Industry Innovation and Integration Boot Camp at Estrellas De Mendoza, Batangas City. Last May 22 to 24, 2019.

The Bootcamp for PVGI Industry Innovation and Integration are attended by Technical Engineers from different client companies that are trained for only 3 day for our System Integrator on how they create a comprehensive ICT solution using Dahua, TP-link, K-Star, Ruijie, and AXD.PVGI successfully hosted the boot camp event with exciting games and activities also with surprising prizes that can give an unforgettable moment to our participants.

They are divided into 4 teams to create interaction with each other and after that they had the socialization night to give a chill night to complete the event with good relationships to our clients and the company.
And the most important part is the day 3 hands on integration they conduct a group activity which they performing an actual solution industries using our products.

PVGI Industry Innovation and Integration Boot Camp is a great opportunity to show our best by satisfying them and giving the best boot camp experience with our advance technology and giving the chance to improve their solution industries by using our brands.