Philsource Ventures Group Incorporated team together with Dahua Technology, Ruijie Networks, TP-Link, KStar and AXD and its team of adequate people, hosted an exclusive event entitled Industry Innovation and Integration that gives an awesome and interactive event for its clients with a night full of amazing surprises. The company successfully hosted the event at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas last April 5, 2019. Filled with so much learning as Mr. Herman Hong, President of PVGI, PVGI Executives, Different brand vendors and employees conducted resourceful discussions, effective panel discussions of panellist and vendors, outstanding solution panel exhibits that is highlighted on the event consist of Dahua Technology, Ruijie Networks, TP-Link, Kstar and AXD’s premiere products that gives unique qualities to improve services of the industries namely Hospitality, Corporate, Banking, Education, Retail, and Safe City for a brighter future.

The event was successfully attended with approximately 200 attendees including partners, owners, resellers, system integrators, retailers and staffs. PVGI constantly innovate its products by providing a solution exhibit than will improve the needs of every industry. Our guests enjoyed an exclusive evening full of awesome panel discussions,  a bountiful dinner, cool and awesome prizes, updates on technology and brands, resourceful guest speakers, showcasing the products of each brands through a advanced product displays and its awesome features, interactive evening of activities and segments. Also, various product demo and exhibits that give a further more understanding of what PVGI can give for the growth of industry.

PVGI Industry Innovation and Integration Event had an exceptional evening for its guests and its employees, giving a better understanding of what our products can do for a brighter environment through the use of our solutions that seen on the exhibit. PVGI shows that they are progressive for innovation and conquers new more challenges and successes.